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Save Your Money

Protect your money by investing in real estate properties. Considered one of the most reliable forms of investment, it provides safety in many ways

Inflation Weakens Money

Our Investors can easily buy, sell or transfer Units quickly and at any time by contacting us. So you always have access to your money. Finally, no need to bargain with estate agents or find sellers.You can check your investment performance at any time by contact us.

Buy & Sell Properties Instantly

Investing in actual property requires lots of time, effort and inconvenience to secure a good deal ,then if you need money urgently, you will most likely need to sell below market value and even then it will take weeks if not months to get access to your money.You get fair market prices when buying or selling Units and get your money back within 3-5 working days.

Get Quarterly  Income

Invest in properties which we are rented-out so you can receive an additional source of monthly income while your invested capital increases

With this investment option, you will receive additional monthly income to help you tackle the rising cost’s of everyday living. Alongside, your original investment in the property is not only safe but will also increase as the price of the property increases. You can rent out your existing properties through us and this is COMING SOON for our Units Investors and Owner Investors.

Earn Attractive Profits

Earn high returns while diversifying away risks, as our properties are based on our vast experience, research and knowledge that is not in the public domain


Growing Market

Property market is always on the rise with less fluctuations compared with other investment options, Using our expertise and knowledge we invest only in properties that maximize profits, e.g. due to being undervalued or developers seeking early investors or our knowledge of the local area’s development plans and so on. We have such knowledge and expertise in many countries, including Pakistan, UK and UAE .

We help you tap into this high potential growth market

Benefits of Diversification

Diversification helps reduce non-systemic risks raising chances of your investment to be successful and may even help increase profits. Diversify your investments as rather than buying one property for say Rs. 80 lakh, you can buy Units in many different properties. This diversifies your risks by developers, area, type (flats, bungalows, plots), even cities and countries, so if one property under-performs, you are still protected.

Competitive Fee for You

We charge a competitive fee not only in the real estate market but also when compared to other investment options as we want our investors to get the most benefit

We only charge:

  • 2% transaction fee at the time of buying, selling or transferring your Units or properties.

  • 0.1% monthly management fee to manage your Units and the underlying properties and any expenses related to them.

Experience & Research

Property markets may appear simple to understand for some, but these are highly sophisticated markets. Each property is unique and numerous factors define whether it is a good investment opportunity or a bad one. These include prime location, quality of developers, safety of neighborhood, potential legal disputes (current and future including court cases or issues).

It is for Everyone


You can be based in any country, you can be a millionaire or someone with small savings and big dreams, you can have no knowledge of investing, our investment platform is created to benefit everyone.

Benefits Everyone

Our investment solutions, in particular our ‘Units Investor‘ and ‘Owner Investor‘ services, have been developed to benefit everyone. It provides easy access to anyone to invest into property, whether they have a lot of financial knowledge or completely new to investment. It helps experienced investors invest quickly, efficiently, with minimal costs while diversifying and keeping investment liquid. And it provides guidance to the newbies. It allows large sums of money to be invested as well as small sums of money.


Goal-based investing for private real estate

Choose a FxProperty360 portfolio strategy to see how it stacks up against traditional investments.


                   Supplemental Income       

Create an attractive, consistent passive income stream

Moderate time horizon

Low expected variability


                Balanced Investing           

Build wealth confidently with the maximum level of diversification

Moderate to long time horizon

Low expected variability

                 Long-Term Growth              

Pursue maximum overall returns over the long term

                                                                                 Long-term time horizon

                                                                              Moderate expected variability

Take FxProperty360 Investments Introducing our all-new Starter Portfolio

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  • Zero advisory fees through 12/31/17
  • Safe & Secure Investment Options
  • Upgrade to goal-based portfolio anytime

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