New projects in Mirpurkhas

Mirpur Khas (Sindhi and Urdu: میرپور خاص‎) is the capital city of Mirpur Khas District in the province of Sindh in Pakistan and was the capital of an eponymous princely state. There is many new projects in MirpurKhas. It is the fourth largest city in Sindh province, with an estimated population of 1.506 million (2017).

Map of Mirpur Khas District

Government • TypeMunicipal Committee • Chairman of MirpurkhasFarooq Jameel Durrani • Vice-Chairman of MirpurkhasFareed Ahmed 

Time zone PST (UTC+5)  Calling code  0233  Number of towns  5

Its literacy rate is 38.% Its soil is fertile and the city is known for its horticultural produce and farming, as well as mango cultivation, with hundreds of varieties of mangoes produced each projects in Mirpurkhas

Mirpurkhas is also growing in IT software education and business.

Mirpurkhas is one of the rapidly developing cities of Sindh. Restaurants and shopping centres are being developed.


After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, because of its proximity with the Indian border, Mirpur Khas became the first city to welcome refugees to Pakistan. It acted as a primary railway junction for the first trains to rail across the Rajasthan to the Sindh province.


Lying on the Let Wah Canal at 25°31′39.3″N 69°00′50.6″E, Mirpur Khas is the gateway to the south-eastern edge of the Sindh province. It connects to Hyderabad at 65 kilometres by both road and rail while with Umerkot it connects only by road. Karachi is 220 kilometers south-west of the town. On the extreme east lies the Indian border at 170 kilometers.

Population and culture

In late 18th century, many Muslim families were shifted from east Punjab to the area. The biggest Muslim community who settled here was the Arain community.

The Arains from various districts of eastern Punjab such as Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Ferozpur, Ambala, Patiala and Jalandhar moved here and permanently settled.

The contributions of Arains towards the agriculture and irrigation systems is remarkable. They live mostly in rural areas with peace and harmony. The city also has a well known Sindhi Arain population.


The city has several shopping centers and bazaars.Though Mirpurkhas has a small industrial park, no industry is functional there. However, there are four sugar mills, Mirpurkhas sugar mills, Mirawah sugar mills, Digri Sugar Mills and Najma sugar mills. Mirpurkhas sugar mills is the oldest one.


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