About Us


We ,”FxProperty360″ , “FxProperty360.com” is the leading Real estate Consulting & Marketing Firm,providing in depth services to its members.

We are in Real estate business since 2010,our founder Mr. Muhammad Shiraz Khan lunched it in 2015.Our startup faced many obstacles,difficulties, but we didn’t quit working .In these years we saw & learn a lot of things like dealing with non-professional agents ,buyer & sellers needs & requirements, Frauds,Scams,Cheating.

We decided to start a new setup where we will be direct to home buyers,seller, tenants & developers.We lunched a website named,”www.fxproperty360.com“,Where visitors can join us by registering and then they can post their Properties easily within minutes.We also offers some Real estate marketing packages for members.

Our vision:

We,as the “FxProperty360”,Real estate brokerage and marketing firm is to provide the extra ordinary,reliable and transparent services to clients.we will always try to fulfill our clients needs and requirements.we hope that we will overcome the problems of today property market in our country so that residence will enjoy a better and tension free life ,if they believe us.

Our Mission:

FxProperty360 wants to provide in depth services to our clients whether is big buyer,investors or small buyer or investor.we would change the way of real estate brokerage and consulting services.
We are focusing to guide and educate our clients about real estate market.We will provide a solution to clients around the country where they can get benefit by using our services under one roof.

Our Goal:

FxProperty360 goal would be explain to media after year 2020,now lets wait and use our services.

Our Manzil:

Yes, our manzil is not to touch the sky ,reaching on stars or moon…We just want to do business and give excellent customer service by our full efforts to clients around the country so that we will be known by name.We want to see all residence of the country have their own personal Houses and jobs.
Yes,we want to enter in real estate development phase.